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Therapy DISCgolf:

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Therapy DISCgolf is determined to deliver real world experiential tools to young people in need. We aim to harness the latent passion and assist each participant in becoming an active commander of their own circumstances. In a world that has plenty of jail cells, Therapy DISCgolf maintains the attitude that the best lessons are learned outside. Our “Front 9” is a helpful roadmap to positive change, visit our website to find out more!

  1. DISComfort- Identify the symptom or event that led to the need for Therapy
  2. DISContinue- Immediately cease the behavior causing the symptom
  3. DISCuss- An opportunity for the participant to tell “their side” of the story, without interruption
  4. DISCern- Identify undue blame and victimization, ultimately grasping accountability
  5. DISClose- A personal admittance of whatever negative self talk is the primary obstacle
  6. DISCourse- The introduction of our application of the Therapy DISCgolf attitude
  7. DISConnect- Identify and eliminate distractions and unhealthy stressors, to optimize focus
  8. DISCipline- Practice, Practice, Practice
  9. DISCovery- A new sense of pride and self, likely a positive outlook

Website: www.therapydiscgolf.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/therapydiscgear

Instagram: @therapyDISCgolf

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