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Lance Schibi:

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Lance Schibi artist page at the Bumperactive store!
Lance Schibi is a freelance illustrator & writer based in Austin, TX and is constantly mistaken for his twin brother. He draws the ridiculous web comic, FOR THE TITLE (now available in the CHAMPION WISH HARDCOVER EDITION!), wrote the short comic CLEAN HANDS and is constantly coming up with weird images to share with the world. He told us to tell you that loves you for taking the time to read this blurb about him.

website: lanceschibi.com

facebook: facebook.com/lance.schibi

twitter: twitter.com/lschibi

instagram: instagram.com/lschibi

  • "Blood Sewer Pizza Magik" -- By Lance Schibi (on Black Tee)
  • "For the Title" Poster Graphic -- By Lance Schibi (on Black Tee)
  • "Swampy Thing" -- By Lance Schibi (on Black Tee)
  • "Ackbar Family Portrait" -- By Lance Schibi (on Black Tee)