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The Color Cartel:

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Apse of The Color Cartel artist page at the Bumperactive store!
Austin graffiti artist Andrew Horner, a.k.a. Apse, paints to entertain, bring life where there is none, and remind the world not to take itself too seriously: “We are here to love, to experience true joy, and to become even more capable of both.”

He has made it his life’s mission to help people rise above the evils of poverty, despair, and ignorance. "As passionate as I am about graffiti, I am equally motivated by a certainty that there are more free-market opportunities to alleviate poverty...”

Website/blog: thecolorcartel.com/

Instagram: instagram.com/colorcartel

Facebook: facebook.com/ColorCartel

Twitter: twitter.com/ColorCartel

  • "Graffiti Love" on Red by Apse for the Bumperactive Valentine Series.
  • "Graffiti Love" by Apse. Pack of two Stickers.
  • "Karl Marx" by Apse of The Color Cartel
  • "Skully" by Apse of The Color Cartel
  • "Grumpy Bunny" by Apse of The Color Cartel
  • "Funky Bunny" by Apse of The Color Cartel