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Thanks Hillary:

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Thanks, HIllary!
After the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton exhorted the women of America to "Run for something," and they did!

On January 3, 2019, over 100 women took the oath of office at the nation's Capitol. Thousands more were sworn in across the country at all levels of government. We should celebrate these victories with an acknowledgement that Women Ran, Women Won and it's time to say, Thanks, Hillary!

As you march and canvass between now and 2020, please consider saying thank you, Hillary, by wearing this USA made & union printed t-shirt or sweatshirt.

Sweatshirts have a lead time of two weeks, therefore for mixed orders some items will be held until available to ship together. Wear your gear with pride and let's represent!

Prameela Bartholomeusz
CEO, Electorate Speaks, Inc

Please follow @Elector8speaks on Twitter for “Thanks Hillary” updates or email info@electoratespeaks.org for information on “Thanks Hillary” house parties!

  • Three "Women Ran, Women Won" 2.25" Mylar Buttons
  • "Women Ran, Women Won" Graphic (on Navy Tee)
  • "Women Ran, Women Won" Graphic (on Dark Gray Heather Tee)
  • "Women Ran, Women Won" Graphic (on Navy Zip-Up Hoodie)
  • "Women Ran, Women Won" Graphic (on Asphalt Zip-Up Hoodie)