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Kevin Chin Art:

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Kevin T. Chin is an experienced concept artist and illustrator in the entertainment industry since 2005. He’s worked at studios like Disney Interactive & Junction Point Studios on the Disney Epic Mickey series as well as clients like Blizzard, Upper Deck, Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games and featured in ImagineFX and Ballistic.

Kevin currently resides in Austin, TX working at Kingsisle Entertainment on MMO and mobile games.

Website/blog: kevinchinart.com
Facebook: facebook.com/scratchmychinart
Twitter: twitter.com/Kevinchinart
Instagram: instagram.com/kevinchinart
Tumblr: kevinchinart.tumblr.com

  • "Godzilla" -- By Kevin Chin (on Maroon Tee)
  • "Chun-Li" -- By Kevin Chin (on Navy Tee)
  • "Blanka" -- By Kevin Chin (on Evergreen Tee - Unisex Only)
  • "Godzilla" -- By Kevin Chin (on Black Tee)
  • "Chun-Li" -- By Kevin Chin (on Black Tee)
  • "Blanka" -- By Kevin Chin (on Black Tee)