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Austin Bedell:

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AUSTIN BEDELL draws cartoon-o-grams on the whiz-bang-boomernet. He is a registered cat whisperer and enjoys the occasional tub of Cheez-it baked snack crackers.

Oh, and once he saw a blimp.

website: skweegieisland.com

twitter: @telfurious

tumblr: telfurious.tumblr.com

facebook: Skweegieisland

  • "BOO-URNS!" Graphic (on Orange Tee)
  • "BOO-URNS!" Graphic (on Black Tee)
  • Two "Scrot'em" 11" x 3" Stickers
  • "Scrot'em" Graphic on (Maroon Tee)
  • "Turducken" Graphic (on Black Tee)
  • "McJabba" Graphic (on Black Tee)
  • "4 Pacs A Day" Graphic (on Black Tee)