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Motiv8 Fitness:

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Motiv8 Fitness artist page at the Bumperactive store!
Motiv8 Fitness believes in challenging the body naturally to create a balance between strength and weight. We aren't about indoor facilities with heavy weights, machinery and equipment. We aren't looking to win any strong man competitions or meet an aesthetic standard for vanity's sake.

Motiv8 Fitness builds a community of like-minded individuals with similar goals. We foster positive lifestyle habits that drive health thru diet, exercise and community support.

Website/blog: www.motiv8fitness.net

Facebook: facebook.com/motiv8

Twitter: twitter.com/EFFAustin

  • "Don't Hate, Motiv8" Graphic (on Black Tee)
  • "Don't Hate, Motiv8" Graphic (on Heather Grey Tee)
  • "Don't Hate, Motiv8" Graphic (on Team Purple Tee)
  • "Don't Hate, Motiv8" Graphic (on Ladies Black Racerback Singlet)
  • "Don't Hate, Motiv8" Graphic (on Men's Black Performance Tee)
  • Contour-cut, white vinyl with printed Motiv8 logo window decals, presented on a grey background for viewing purposes.