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HRCSV Secret Page:

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HRC Super Volunteer Logo
Welcome to the Secret Home of HRC Super Volunteer Gear! Here you can purchase your HRCSV Logo tees, stickers and mugs available *only* to Super Volunteers.

Place your order by Monday, July 18, to be sure and receive your shipment by Saturday, July 23, in advance of the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

All items Union Made by Bumperactive using Made-In-USA source materials. HRC Super Volunteers is not a part of Hillary Clinton's 2016 official campaign organization, Hillary for America.

website: http://www.hrcsupervolunteers.com

  • "HRC Super Volunteer Logo Tee" - Front and Back
  • HRCSV Logo Mug -- 11oz ceramic
  • HRCSV Logo Sticker -- Pack of Two!